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Jan 22, 2016

Thank you, Rosie

A certain former Labor leader who used to contribute interesting policy ideas to the public debate but is now more well-known for his increasingly batshit rants is in the news again tod

A certain former Labor leader who used to contribute interesting policy ideas to the public debate but is now more well-known for his increasingly batshit rants is in the news again today. This time he has views on domestic violence, cultural elitists and “the patriarchy”. Yawn. We’ve chosen not to give his views more oxygen. Instead, we quote outgoing Australian of the Year Rosie Batty, who has worked tirelessly in the past year to give domestic violence the kind of public attention it deserves:
“Whilst we celebrate the wonderful country that we live in today, there remains a serious epidemic across our nation. No matter where you live, family violence exists in every pocket of every neighbourhood. It does not discriminate, and it is across all sections of our society. Family violence may happen behind closed doors, but it needs to be brought out from these shadows and into broad daylight. One in six women has experienced physical or sexual abuse by a current or former partner, including some of those celebrating with us today.” “To the Australian people, look around. Do not ignore what you see and what you know is wrong. Call out sexist attitudes and speak up when violence against women is trivialised. To men, we need you to challenge each other and become part of the solution. Raise the conversation and don’t shy away from this uncomfortable topic. We cannot do this without you. To the women and children who are unsafe, in hiding or living in fear, who have changed their names, left their extended families and moved from their communities to find safety, you do not deserve to live a life that is dictated by violence. You are not to blame.”
Congratulations, Rosie. You have made a difference.

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9 thoughts on “Thank you, Rosie

  1. AR

    Could someone, already irredeemably soiled by knowing, just give the skinny of what he said?
    To spare the rest of us the full horror.

  2. zut alors

    Perhaps Latham could also refresh our collective memory on the annual statistics of women killed by their partners compared to men killed by their partners. That may give him a hint why domestic violence discussions are more targeted at males.

    Or does Latham think this is akin to the global warming debate ie: scientists & deniers should be given equal time.

  3. duncan stephens

    Thank You Crikey – so much better to focus on her words.

    An early nomination for 2016 Arsehat.

  4. Sally Goldner

    Another “thank you Crikey” for me.

  5. MJM

    And another thank you from me. Quoting Rosie Batty’s words and leaving them to speak for themselves is a great decision. And she has made a difference.

    I read the article over on Guardian Oz and wondered about the former leader’s mental health. Domestic violence is an invention of the feminist left?? Batshit rants is an apt descriptor.

  6. MJM

    Sorry – correction. Think it was not on Guardian Oz that I read the article. Maybe on the ABC news site? But most other sites seem to have followed Crikey in not giving the former leader much oxygen

  7. En Quiry

    Australia should extend its concern with violence against women to foreign affairs. When we engage with countries that are known to repress women and to authorise domestic violence to that end, we should insist on carving out protections for women. For example, if we are making contracts with such countries, we should aim for substantial representation of women among the negotiators and beneficiaries on both sides, and the capacity to communicate for business with key women without the need for a male chaperone. Our government and many companies espouse equality and decent treatment for women. It is hypocritical to bow unquestioningly to repressive practices in the name of business.

  8. AR

    Such as our Foreign Minister wearing a headscarf – the German Chancellor did not.
    The angst du jour in Euroland of too many blokes could be solved by only allowing women and THEIR children to apply for asylum.
    Ain’t gonna happen though.

  9. Norm

    Beautifully said Rosie, and thank you for your year as our Australian Of The Year. I hope your voice continues beyond.

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