On media couples

David O’Neil writes: Re. “Media couples: a significantly updated Crikey list” (January 14). Oh dear. Any wonder the standard of journalism has sunk to an all-time low. The number of media couples sharing a pillow would indicate to me that the modern hacks live in such a cocoon that they never meet anyone other than their own. Hence the reliance on PR releases rather than going out and finding a real story. If I see another police rounds story leading the ABC TV “news” I may have to drink two bottles of red instead of one.

On the resources bust

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Grahame Elvin writes: Re. “Rundle: now we’re really bullshitting with gas” (yesterday). What well thought-out and accurate picture Guy has drawn! But it would have had greater impact if it had also pointed out that both the federal and Queensland governments are mindlessly aiding and abetting Adani to repeat the very same disastrous situation at Abbot Point and elsewhere along the rail route to the coal mine and more importantly, through the Great Barrier Reef.

However, with a bit of luck the political situation in India and it’s decision to stop imports of coal, along with extremely low World prices for coal will cause Adani to finally “pull the plug” on it’s disastrous Australian misadventure. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

Jock Webb writes: It is a bit funny watching the shock and horror over the Palmer failure. It is worth remembering that Clive’s mentors in politics were Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson and Russ Hinze ( who I seem to have read helped Clive with a zoning problem). Given this it would be expecting altogether too much for Palmer inc. to play with a straight bat.

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Peter Fray
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