So bring another chair for the great afterlife banquet at Richo's Chinese Restaurant. Resigned NSW ALP general-secretary Jamie Clements is set to join the ranks of the failed, turfed-out and superannuated in the endless afternoon of post-political life. It's comfortable in the Chinese Restaurant, and the courses start rolling out as soon as you arrive; the beer is cold and the dim sum is warm. Like all Chinese banquet restaurants, you're surrounded by gormless scaly creatures staring wordlessly back at you, but well, Bramston and van Onselen are mates, you have to invite them.

So Clements will be comfortable in the great political afterlife -- or interlude, if he manages to make it back -- and I doubt anyone needs to be told to spare no sympathy for him. He remains convicted of no crime, he disputes the accusation that he pushed his secretary Stefanie Jones against a wall and made threats to her. But whatever the particulars of the incident, I suspect few would doubt her charge that the NSW ALP head office has a culture of filth about it, when it comes to men and women.