Jan 11, 2016

Your metadata fair game, but Brandis’ own off limits

Just what is the Attorney-General up to in his taxpayer-funded position? Look, his office would be happy to tell us, but it's just too much damn work.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor



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12 thoughts on “Your metadata fair game, but Brandis’ own off limits

  1. Norman Hanscombe

    It’s difficult to believe, Joshua, that you actually can’t see the difference; but then again this is Crikey Land.

  2. Lee Tinson

    I’m thinking that removing Brandis’s ‘phone would constitute very positively to the reduction in both terrorism and the common assault of Aussie citizens by both civilian and quasi-military law enforcement. Not suggesting that Brandis is a terrorist, of course, just that whenever he opens his mouth he manages to insult pretty much everybody.

  3. AR

    When Barnyard left the Senate, the role of Idiot became vacant.
    Then very much more so when Brandis naturally assumed the role to which he was .. born?

  4. Dom

    Excellent. When I hear about how we need more surveillance and greater access to data to “make us safe”, I just think we need it first on politicians to test it out. Let’s get webcams installed in their offices and browsing data made available to the public.

  5. AR

    Dom, I’d second that.

  6. Norman Hanscombe

    Dogs breakfast, it appears (assuming you understood the significance of the point I raised?) that you felt Joshua didn’t, and therefore needed more help spelling it out.
    If you didn’t understand the point, please let me know and I shall make it as easy as possible; but since it seemed easy to understand at the time, you must forgive me for assuming interested adults would also understand it.

  7. David Hand

    Come on doggie, the difference is so obvious it hardly needs spelling out but for the sake of your difficulties in comprehension, I’ll spell it out.

    Allowing metadata to be available to security agencies is quite different to publishing personal information about an individual on the front page of a newspaper, or in Crikey.

  8. Norman Hanscombe

    I understand your desire to help the analytically challenged, David, but surely they need to be encouraged to try to work out the meanings of such basic English, for their own sake?

  9. Graham R

    Hang on:

    “The final definition of metadata provided by the government in the letter is: dates, times, and duration of calls; IP addresses; email addresses; location details; and URLs “to the extent that they do not identify content of a communication”.”

    So every URL you (but not George) visit WILL be collected by the Govt.

    By storing every URL you visit the Government automatically then has “the content of a communication.” That’s what an active URL is – an active linkage to a page’s content.

    And remember, the Act does not refer anywhere to “metadata,” only to “telecommunications data.”

    I think the time has come for a VPN.

    And, Dogs Breakfast, never feed the trolls.

  10. Itsarort

    Since Brandis quite arrogantly believes himself to be his own divine ruler (aka Attorney General), “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”, is simply moot.

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