When even the national broadsheet is editorialising about sharks, you know it’s time for summer holidays.

This year we celebrated our 15th birthday at Crikey with a swag of special content, including a timeline of the massive transformation in media in the past 15 years, and Stephen Mayne’s story of how it all began.

We also republished some of our best leaks. There was that story about Eddie McGuire “boning” Jessica Rowe (we reveal more tough talk from Eddie in today’s Tips and Rumours), infighting and backbiting within the Democrats, and of course, the infamous News Corp Blue Book.

This year was another great year of scoops and scandals in the Crikey bunker. We brought you news that anti-choice extremist Troy Newman was planning to tour Australia (the uproar after our story broke resulted in his visa being cancelled), and revealed that the Australian Border Force was actually planning to stop people in the street and demand their visas during Operation Fortitude (no, it wasn’t just a clumsily worded press release).

We heard a rumour that Joe Hockey was leaving Parliament long before it was announced, broke the story that Malcolm Turnbull had dobbed in an SBS reporter over his controversial Anzac Day tweets, and revealed that the government was using its Border Force gag laws to protect itself in court.

We also told you why the Oz called Colleen McCullough fat and ugly in her obituary, exposed Lorna Jane’s search for a skinny receptionist, proved Australia is one of the most heavily surveilled countries in the West, and cracked open the Greens’ internal party rift.

This has been an exceptional year for Crikey, and it’s you, our subscribers, who made it possible. Thanks for reading in 2015. We hope you have a relaxing break and we’ll be back in your inboxes on January 11.