Eddie McGuire’s late-night text messages. Last night at 3am, Shane Warne Foundation board member Eddie McGuire texted Age journalist Chris Vedelago along with Fairfax CEO Greg Hywood to express his displeasure at the paper’s recent coverage of the Foundation.

“Chris, just so bad. Just so standard. We don’t care. We make money for kids. You? Well it’s a different journalism ideal I bought into. Probably not your fault. Greg Hywood should hang his head. Fuck off. Eddie”.

The text was sent at 2.48am, prompting Vedelago to respond: "Time to stop drinking Eddie. It’s 3am.” (Vedelago put screenshots of the exchange on his Facebook page, after which someone else passed them onto Crikey). A subsequent text from Vedelago read: “Brave enough to send a text in the middle of the night but not to speak on the record. You’re right, we don’t have the same ideals.”