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Dec 21, 2015

Why academics (and the US govt) are so terrified of WikiLeaks

Does the US government prevent academics from using WikiLeaks material? New Internationalist digital editor Chris Spannos explains.

*This is part two of a series on the ongoing war between WikiLeaks and the International Studies Association. Read part 1 here.


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4 thoughts on “Why academics (and the US govt) are so terrified of WikiLeaks

  1. James O'Neill

    A very large proportion of modern academic research is now funded from government or quasi-government sources, including the ubiquitous foundations. They in turn have an agenda. The result is that a lot of academic research simply fails to address significant issues for fear of losing the steady flow of funds.
    When that is coupled with an even more timid msm the result is that the population are denied information about things they are entitled to know. Even when there is purported coverage of significant events, the reporting is so loaded with the ideology of the reporter or the media owner to whom obeisance is owed the picture that is presented is alarmingly inaccurate.
    This of course is not a recent phenomena. Those of us who have bothered to find out the truth about the two Kennedy assassinations or the Martin Luther King assassination know that media misinformation is par for the course.

  2. Kevin Herbert

    The Firm’s total infiltration of all levels of US & indeed Australian societal institutions has become clearer since the arrival of the net.

    The sheer scope of its criminal agenda is no longer such a shock.

    The real question for those of us foolish enough to believe in personal freedom for all mankind, is how to wrest control of our individual societies from the Firm’s steely financial grip.

  3. Norman Hanscombe

    Talk about Nero’s apocryphal fiddling, when it comes to trivialisation of important issues such as the silencing of academics who don’t toe the line, it’s the bright capable academics of both Left and Right who currently suffer most danger in academia; and the ultimate ‘crime’ as far as the Chattering Classes are concerned is academics encouraging students to actually question whatever they’re told in lectures and tutorials.
    In the 1960s in Australia at the best Universities competent students could do well if they challenged ideas. That, sadly, is no longer the case, is it.

  4. AR

    File this under WIKI derangement syndrome which threatens the erstwhile gatekeepers’ control over information and thereby society in general.
    It was ever thus, the old fight, dirty, to retain their weakening power and the knowledge that the task is hopeless impels them to greater fury, the Samson Option if necessary.
    Apre moi, rien. Like Milton’s Moloch, rather than not be supreme they’d prefer not to be.

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