Nov 30, 2015

Brandis backs down on national security plans for telcos

Legislation that would have given the government unlimited power over Australia's private telecommunications companies has been watered down.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


After the telecommunications industry told him he had gone too far, Attorney-General George Brandis has decided not to try to pass legislation to immediately give him unlimited power over their networks.


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5 thoughts on “Brandis backs down on national security plans for telcos

  1. editorbruce

    Will the Attorney General’s directions to the telcos be published, or will they be kept secret?

  2. Danno Cadron

    ” government would not proceed with a proposal to sell off the intra-department fibre network in Canberra ”

    Mindlessness or corruption proposing such a sale?

    Time for a commission of inquiry.

  3. AR

    If there is one thing worse that an ignorant & monomaniacal Minister/politcal hack running roughshod over a well lawyered mewgacorp, it is when they are just dunky-hory with each other.

  4. Bohemian

    I thought Brandis was a libertarian, almost. So who is pressuring him towards the fascist end of the Conservative scale while Shorten is being pressured towards the Trotskyist end of the scale. Whichever way we look at it, the game is more and more about deprivation of liberty – authoritarian, corporatist pap wrapped in political correctness and slogans. Whether left or right it matters not if you’re in a re-education camp somewhere..and that mandatory vaccination law these guys just passed is in my opinion right our of Nazi Germany’s Big Pharma complex; so thoroughly endorsed by the Murdoch men you have ot wonder why so interested?

  5. Norman Hanscombe

    If Brandis didn’t carry out sensible reviews of how it was working, you’d condemn him for being inflexible, and when he does he’s accused of backing down.
    But this is the dream world of Crikey, so it’s hardly surprising, is it.

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