Nov 26, 2015

The truth behind Labor’s NBN beat-up

Labor has unearthed a document that says the cost of the NBN could be about to blow out. But NBN says it's nothing to worry about.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


Has Labor found the smoking gun that proves the Coalition’s NBN plans are about to fall in a heap? Or is it just another political beat-up?


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9 thoughts on “The truth behind Labor’s NBN beat-up

  1. boyo

    Optus being ebullient about their HFC is more about defending its sale price than concern for customers.

  2. Jaybuoy

    TONY ABBOTT (at launch of coalitions NBN policy): We will build fibre-to-the-node. We will be able to do this for under $30 billion. Malcolm is going to be Mr Broadband.
    MALCOLM TURNBULL (at launch): We will bring very fast broadband to all Australians sooner, cheaper and more affordably.. It’s right up there with “Direct Action” as a con job designed to salve the big end of town..

  3. Norman Hanscombe

    The usual suspects once again show their inability to analyse how the mess developed under several previous Governments, which perhaps is why they adopt their standard default position of blaming it all on the supposedly ‘Evil’ big end of town.

  4. Dogs breakfast

    Well, Norman is right in saying that the mess developed under several previous governments. Go on Norman, tell ’em about Beazley’s horrifying decision regarding the initial carve-up, one which Paul Keating was furious about, and which Howard and Costello engraved in stone when they sold it as is.

    But Norman is wrong again in assuming that nobody is as smart as he is, nor does he seem to understand that Conroy’s/Labor’s NBN plan not only brought fibre to the premises but paid out and fixed up all those errors and would have left us with a state of the art broadband system, or how the LNP fibre to the node re-instates most of the problems with Beazley’s original decision all those years ago.

    I can’t even see the passage or the comments where it was all being blamed on the big end of town, but Norman can read things that aren’t there.

  5. AR

    Meanwhile we now have a recently launched satellite in geostat orbit purely to give something approaching reasonable to 200K rural voters.
    Slower, more expensive and ratshit slow – thanks a bunch SilverMal.

  6. CML

    Josh – Your headline to this article is GROSSLY misleading.
    You have given NO evidence of a so-called ‘beat-up’ at all.
    Everyone knows that Turdball’s NBN is an expensive joke (except you it seems!)
    Everyone also knows that we will have to wait for the Labor Party to be in government so we can have the NBN we were promised. Mind you, it will then cost DOUBLE to sort out the mess. So could you all start blaming the Turd and this putrid government now, please?
    It is NOT, and NEVER will be, ‘Labor’s fault. Got it???

  7. ken svay

    We have been sold a pup but the public in its ignorance fell for it so that is that. Norman probably has no idea of what he is talking, its complicated this internet thingie.
    Actually if you lay glass cable everywhere its very bloody simple, even countries like Cambodia can do it.
    And you cant run a modern economy without it.

  8. Duncan Gilbey

    “The usual suspects…”?

    Look in the mirror, Norman.

  9. Archie Travers

    This country was bought many moons ago and the Turnbull NBN is one of its finest expressions.

    The interests of all Australians are easily and routinely sacrificed for political advantage. Just like Utegate, the tenth rate Turnbull NBN will be part of the Toff’s legacy of stupid decisions.

    The NBN disgrace should have precluded Turnbull from the top job but of course our pissweak MSM ensures we’ll have Turnbull’s platitudes and waffle in lieu of policies.

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