Nov 23, 2015

Anti-Muslim rally reveals a racism both shocking and commonplace

Muscle-bound skinheads and authority figures in suits championing hate speech. All in a day's work for anti-Muslim extremists.

Shakira Hussein — Writer and academic in multiculturalism

Shakira Hussein

Writer and academic in multiculturalism

It’s a measure of how deeply anti-Muslim hate speech has saturated Australian public discourse that the foaming-at-the-mouth rants of the Reclaim Australia rally did not sound particularly out of the ordinary.


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11 thoughts on “Anti-Muslim rally reveals a racism both shocking and commonplace

  1. Decorum

    A “former ex-Muslim”: fantastic! That is, presumably, a Muslim, yes? (Mind you, expecting intelligible English from the RA types – even the Suit – is probably a bit optimistic.)

  2. mikeb

    I wouldn’t worry too much Shakira. A handful of meathead skinheads and bogans is not representative of greater Australia – just as a crowd full of Muslims yelling “Death to America” etc is not representative of greater Islam.

  3. David Hand

    Reviewing the extreme right end of our society in relation to the Islam problem we have gives an interesting insight but shouldn’t carry much weight. What middle Australia thinks is much more important and I would like to see a report about that.

    And seeking to discuss the Racial Discrimination Act over something that was said is just plain silly. To the right, the RDA is a creation of the left and lacks credibility itself.

  4. ken svay

    Their numbers dont seem to have increased and their ignorance is awful.I think they are wasting their bile and their appearance alone is enough to turn off most people. Having members arrested for possessing weapons and bomb making stuff doesn’t help the PR campaign.
    I have a feeling that one of them will go too far soon and their house of cards will come crashing down.

  5. AR

    Shakira, I’m sure that you know that shrouding is not about female modesty but protecting them physically from unstable males’ ungovernable lusts.
    Which is why it is highly advisable in so many muslim lands and an affront in western society.

  6. Natalie Adams

    I thought the whole point of Waleed Aly’s impassioned plea last week not to play into IS’s hands was that every time someone publishes something hateful like this online IS wins. I really can’t see the point of this article. Everyone here knows there is a small number of idiots who are saying these anti-Muslim things. There were only a couple of hundred at the rally and their numbers are not growing. Why give them so much publicity? Why repeat their horrible extreme statements online and make IS believe that they are achieving their aim of brewing dislike of Muslims in the West?

  7. The Old Bill

    Yes Shakira, like many of the right wing bogans, I too find the niquaby hijaby things confronting. I also find any religious attire confronting.
    The main problem with all the Abrahamic religions is that they won’t go away and at various times throughout the last few thousand years, they have taken turns being the aggressor.
    The big problem with the youngest of these, is that it has no sense of humour and even mainstream clerics have explained why everyone from Salman Rushdie to Bogan Bob should die because they blaspheme or make fun of Islam or it’s chosen imaginary sky friend translator.
    In Adelaide there has just been a massive bun fight between so called mainsteam and so called conservative Muslims about how strictly they should conform to various Sharia concepts in one of our local Muslim schools, most of which, to the average non Muslim, seem closely akin to child abuse, especially if you are a young Muslim female.

    As a society, we have turned a blind eye to the many faults of all schools run by religious zealots of all persuasions. I would suggest a compromise. Everyone take a deep breath, ban all religious schools, ban the wearing of any religious attire in State schools, take away the tax free status of all religions and hope that a secular education will slowly stop the rise of the sky fairies.
    Mosques, like Churches, should be tolerated for the benefit of the already brainwashed.
    Then and only then, will it be safe for my poor old Mum to wear a headscarf again, without being thought of as a religious crackpot.

  8. Ken Lambert

    Come on Shakira, its time to turn the other cheek and have pity on some of our lower orders.

    Shakira forgive them for they know not what they do….all they need is some understanding of their fears and phobias, and they will renounce violence and become tolerant model citizens.

    Surely what you counsel for the jihadist kiddies in Western Sydney should also apply to a tattooed skinhead from a broken home?

    Of course you have probably worked out that the weakness of turning the other cheek is that you soon run out of cheeks.

  9. AnisaS

    AR, the word ‘shrouding’ gives it away for you. Perhaps read up on the voluminous research, you know, with actual Muslim women as to why they cover or not. By the way, it is comforting to hear that there are no ‘unstable men’ with ‘ungovernable lusts’ in ‘western society’; good for them. It it could just include Australia too…..

  10. AnisaS

    The Old Bill: Your poor old Mum might also be mistaken for the good lady queen, ER II. I doubt it is just the scarf, maybe the whole outfit that looks ‘Muslim’. Have you seen any Muslim women?

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