Nov 20, 2015

Outsourcing lets NBN keep its ‘commercial-in-confidence’ secrets

Our government sure is on the ball when it comes to outsourcing responsibility.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


We still don’t have an answer to many basic questions about the National Broadband Network (and remember, it is your money being used to build it), as outsourcing allows NBN to hide all sorts of information, claiming “commercial in confidence”.

When NBN Co, as it was then known, was set up under the former Labor government in 2009, it was never intended that the company would build the entire broadband project itself. NBN never had the skilled workers and expertise to be able to build the project on its own.

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7 thoughts on “Outsourcing lets NBN keep its ‘commercial-in-confidence’ secrets

  1. MJM

    Turnbull’s handling of the NBN remains a major concern in my view. If ever a politician’s actions contradicted his/her high sounding words NBN provides the casebook example.

    For this reason alone I remain unconvinced that Turnbull is the PM Australia needs at this time. Better than Abbott he certainly is (I couldn’t count the number of opportunities in the last week while on the summit circuit that PM Abbott would have caused me to cringe) and undoubtedly Turnbull’s a smoother talker than Shorten. But can he do more than talk smoothly? Gratitude that he talks the talk is not enough – we need to see him walking the walk. But so far few positions have been changed.

  2. Jaybuoy

    Mr Broadbands albatross..

  3. zut alors

    Agree with all comments by MJM.

    If Turnbull was prepared to sell us down the river for a third rate communications network he is capable of acting against the nation’s interest in other matters.

  4. Chris Tsarion

    I rather think that Telstra played both Labor and Liberal for mugs.

    So why would we expect to be told the details by either party?

  5. CML

    No matter the cost, date of completion or secrecy, the nbn will still be a dog.
    Labor is committed to fixing this debacle and returning to the FttP as originally planned. However, it will cost a motza to correct the appalling mistakes made by Malcontent in his former portfolio.
    But still he is Mr Wonderful…..goodness knows why!

  6. boyo

    Turnbull’s lies and misinformation about the NBN and his Mtm have tainted my view of him.
    As far as I am concerned, he has no credibility.

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