Nov 19, 2015

Coalition senators back miners over majority, in pushing for environmental law repeal

Yes, most submissions to the inquiry said the law should stand. And yes, there have only been two successful cases brought under the law. But the Mining Council did not like it, you see, so ...

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor



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6 thoughts on “Coalition senators back miners over majority, in pushing for environmental law repeal

  1. klewso

    I suppose the real test will come when they have to say “Bruce came brandishing bubbling bottles of Bovril” without their “sponsors” moving their lips, or whilst they’re drinking a glass of water?

  2. bushby jane

    This is the real Turnbull.

  3. klewso

    How many members in these BCA, MCA, SACME* and PA unions?
    [(*”SACME”? What a ripper?)]

  4. CML

    Right-on, bushby jane!
    As I have said on a previous thread today, Turdball is a first class hypocrite.
    Nothing will change under the Turd, because he still leads the same ‘government’ as Abbott.
    I am having trouble accepting the number of Oz voters (according to the polls) who are just plain stu+id!!

  5. Norman Hanscombe

    It’s disappointing that Posters upon whom Governments have wasted so much money trying to educate them still can’t understand that the number of comments made on any piece of legislation means nothing when the quality of those majorities is poor.
    Much the same might be said about the majority of Posters to capitalist media entities such as Crikey.

  6. AR

    Jane – you beat me to it.
    As for gNormless, the last sentence of #5 being the perfect example.
    And what does ‘the quality of those majorities is poor.’ even mean?

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