The first Age journo to put his hand up and be granted redundancy as a result of Fairfax’s Sunrise training initiative is senior court reporter Steve Butcher, who told editor-in-chief Andrew Holden he wanted to go at his one-on-one meeting. Media House insiders tell Crikeyat least half-a-dozen other reporters have put up their hands for redundancy, though many are still waiting to hear back from management about whether they’ll be allowed to go.

In an email to his colleagues sent yesterday, Butcher wrote:

The big blue Fairfax bus —  with driver —  has pulled up to collect me and chug off into that golden sunset. My last day is November 27. Further details to follow.

In freedom from fear, I remain, for the time being, your faithful correspondent, S.Butcher.”

On Twitter, Age journo Steve Lillebuen paid tribute to Butcher. “Sad to hear court reporting legend Steve Butcher is leaving Fairfax,” he tweeted. “So good rival journos used to tail him from courtroom to courtroom.”