ALP party elder Race Mathews has called for the resignation of Garth Head and Liz Beattie, the two-person committee appointed to investigate alleged membership abuses in the Victorian ALP.

Mathews has said that the process is hopeless compromised, and that the scandal is, for Labor, "reminiscent of Watergate". He has urged both Head and Beattie, members of the state Right and Left, respectively, to stand down, "and save your own reputations".

Mathews, a veteran of more than a half-century of party battles and reform, has been both a federal and state MP and was chief of staff to Gough Whitlam. In the 1990s he revived the Fabian Society in order to rebuild the process of generating ideas and policy within Labor. More recently he has been leading a campaign to revive the importance of branches within Labor.