Nov 6, 2015

NZ govt publishes secret trade deal in full

Hot off the New Zealand government's digital presses, the full text for Trans-Pacific Partnership is now available.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


The New Zealand government has beaten everyone else to the punch publishing the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement a month after it was finalised by the 12 nations party to the deal.


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16 thoughts on “NZ govt publishes secret trade deal in full

  1. Dogs breakfast

    Climate change?

    What’s that?

  2. CML

    Can’t wait for your take on the new rules regarding overseas workers coming here. Also, the professional standards tests they have to meet, and what wages must be paid.
    So far, the whole thing sounds like a free-for-all, which will just add to the pressures on Oz citizens. Have we learnt nothing from the 457 visa stuff-up?

  3. Norm

    Gobsmacking! I automatically thought that logo was a piece of “Department of Australia” handcrafted, artisanal satire – he certainly couldn’t improve on it. I just hope it goes viral across all the signatory nations, with the clear message that no, it is NOT satire, but what the Americans really think. And, of course, it is the plain truth, not some Andrew Robb rose-coloured glasses version.

  4. AR

    If this Sovereignty Abolition Bill is passed by Parliament it will be with the complcity of Labor.
    If the population does not throw the whole load of Quislings out at the next (s)election (assuming there IS another) then thyey will deserve the consequences.
    I’ve never been so glad to be so old.

  5. Sussan Sasson

    TTP has not been totally released, many important side letters by countries for end bargaining have yet to be released, they should have been released with TTP, but have been withheld until a later date. What are they hiding ?

  6. klewso

    Whoopsies? Shouldn’t that read “MADE FOR AMERICA”?

  7. klewso

    .. or “LAID BY AMERICA”?

  8. zut alors

    ‘Made in America’ – yikes, head for the hills folks!

  9. William Marshall

    Good bye soverignty, you were fun while you lasted

  10. Brad Knox

    “the text of the agreement was not made public owing to the need for translations of the documents to be made” … yeah, translating from the native Black Speech of Mordor is notoriously difficult.

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