From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours … Greens at 10 paces. All is not well with the Australian Young Greens, with recently appointed co-convener Sophie Jamieson taking to Facebook to call out her fellow members for "criticism and aggression". Jamieson writes in the post, which has sparked fierce debate in the group: "I have been met with daily criticism and intimidation. I have been called names ... I have taken phonecalls from members in tears about the behaviour of other members."

Our source tells us members have been leaving the group, which is described as "dysfunctional" and a "clusterfuck" in one Facebook comment. We contacted Jamieson to find out why she wrote the Facebook post, but did not hear back by deadline. Oh, the places you'll go. Speaking of young people in politics, this page from a 1991 edition of Farrago, the student magazine at the University of Melbourne, has appeared online courtesy of the current editors. It features a second-year Peta Credlin making her pitch for student representation. Credlin says she'll fight against factional infighting and "terse politics" and promises to campaign for improved campus safety and catering.