The impact of cuts

Les Blakebrough writes: Re. “In morning: ABC kills regional radio programs“. Maybe there should be continuing pressure on Turnbull and his Media Minister to reinstate the ABC budget to earlier levels. As an Australian occasionally living overseas the cutting of the ABC International  Service was a great mistake, and it compounds when their TV programs do not stream live either if you live outside Oz. I have found the only way to keep up with news from Oz is going to the Guardian web site.

Turnbull still the better option

Dean Ellis writes: Re. “And he shall reign forever and ever: Turnbull means we can all stop caring about politics“(yesterday). Comrade Rundle writes: “Turnbull’s path to hegemony … comes … from simply allowing many people to stop having to care about politics, and to return to their private lives.” Yes, but, also from simple exhaustion and relief from not having to see, hear and think about the dreadful lizard like loon that was and continues to be an embarrassment to Australia. For one frightful moment this week I experienced anxiety that Abbott might just be on a romantic European holiday and we would have to endure weeks nay months of that horror movie playing out on our TV screens. Fortunately we were spared that trauma and in any event, well might Turnbull take the electorate for granted, but nothing will save him if he does.

Jock Webb writes: Like John Richardson, I wish Abbott would never comeback. I have quite enough of the miserable pseudo Christian crap from the right wing of politics. The dear saviour would be more likely to say “Get thee beyond me Satan” or “I know thee  not”. I am pretty godless, but I was raised in the Presbyterian congregation and am descended from the Pilgrim Pastor who sent the Mayflower to America. I know what supposedly constitutes Christian decency and these lying, cruel, heartless persons of ill repute are about as Christian as an ayatollah.


Peter Fray

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