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Oct 13, 2015

The nightmare of anxiety that’s all your fault

Australia has accepted the watchful eye of the master for so long that we don't know how to do anything else.



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10 thoughts on “The nightmare of anxiety that’s all your fault

  1. Clint Dolmo

    Such a data storage regime may induce web and phone users to learn technical skills to protect themselves, not only against government but also against criminals and posters on social media.

    It may turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

  2. paddy

    In the old conspiracy vs cockup scenario, this one actually ticks both boxes.
    Next week’s senate estimates should be a hoot. I’m looking forward to hearing George Brandis explain just how and where he’s going to “safely” store all this data.

    P.S. The pain, the expense, and the intense frustration of the last 24 hrs at Chez Paddy, just trying to install a functioning VPN, means I will not forget , or forgive these bastards any time soon.

  3. jmendelssohn

    The Port Arthur Panopticon analogy is a good one – especially when looking at unintended consequences of bad policy. Port Arthur’s model prison was where convicts, separated from all human contact, were driven mad.

  4. Helen Razer

    @Clint: you are truly a glass-half-full guy!
    @Paddy: Yes. This is the perfectly unhealthy marriage of idiocy with malice! Good luck with popping those apps on your devices.
    @jmendelssohn Honestly, the panopticon analogy is one I pretty much swiped from Foucault. The book Discipline and Punish looks at prison “reform” over the ages and is, for that spectacularly wanky French bastard, a pretty good read. The idea that we now live life in liberal democracy as though we are all being watched, or assume we are being watched, from a central tower and that we are now, therefore, “our own jailers” is a really useful one, I think. You might like the book!

  5. Norman Hanscombe

    Jmendelssohn, sorry about the facts spoiling your preconceived beliefs, but if you knew your History you’d be aware that Port Arthur was a significant improvement on the previous prison conditions.
    Paddy, your quaint views provide more amusing hoots than a flock of owls, but it’s good that your gift of humour means your Post did provide something.
    Clint, while some results may as you say, “turn out to be a blessing in disguise”, there are other more important blessing for Australian Citizens which unfortunately Crikey et al never discuss adequately or fairly.

  6. Chazza Ozziehead

    We seem to be walking with eyes open towards a nightmare future world where privacy doesn’t exist at all, science fiction writers have been writing about this for decades and Orwell of course. We sacrifice freedom for apparent security which of course gets abused by governments and their secret agencies. Perhaps the freedom that we bang on about all the time is just an illusion and we are really just another form of ants.

  7. Helen Razer

    Norman. There are a number of very long and scholarly books on how the Bentham form of prison is structurally worse than its brutal predecessor.
    You can disagree with this account of history but you don’t get to say that others’ understanding of history is based on their ignorance.

  8. Lee Tinson

    Norman is a serial offender, particularly at trying to explain to those he disagrees with how they are ignorant they are. I have no idea why he even reads Crikey. If I had the same ideas as Norman – on any topic – Crikey would drive me insane.

  9. AR

    LeeT – as gNormless demonstrates many times a day, QbloodyED.

  10. Itsarort

    “There’s no social stability without individual stability”

    How much are we prepared to give away to satisfy the impossibility of our primordial yearning for social stability?


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