Diesel good guys and bad. Ohh VW, Leonardo DiCaprio wants to make a movie about your diesel engine debacle. Believe it or not, even before we know the full story, someone has written a four-page treatment for a book, and that book has been shopped around film studios in Hollywood and Paramount Pictures (part of Sumner Redstone’s media empire) and the slick-haired and very green DiCaprio wants to turn it into a movie, complete with baddies (VW) and goodies (American researchers battling to convince lazy regulators?). According to a report on Deadline.com the unnamed book "will reveal how the 'more, better, faster' dictum that prevails in 21st century boardrooms can lead down a dark path. The story follows the events of the scandal in which the company placed illegal software in their Clean Diesel cars that could tell when a car was being tested for fuel emissions and would turn on the emissions controls to cheat the test and meet EPA standards.”

It could in fact be something of an old fave for US studios -- a chance to re-fight WWII with the bad, naughty German industrial behemoth in VW, up against the plucky US researchers. VW cars last starred in The Love Bug, a Disney movie from the 1960s featuring a loveable Beetle called Herbie. Next, DiCaprio exhumes Rudolf Diesel and proves he knew all about NOx emissions and covered them up? -- Glenn Dyer