Yesterday we noted that a Melbourne company was urgently trying to sell 20 animatronic dinosaurs as part of a receivers’ sale, and that the “specially designed, museum quality exhibits” had most recently been displayed in Queensland. Could they belong to MP and dinosaur fan Clive Palmer, we asked. It would surely make them more vaulable. Our dreams were crushed yesterday with a phone call from Matt Byrnes at the receivers’, telling us they were not Palmer’s dinosaurs at all, but had been at the Queensland Museum. Byrnes was coy on the asking price for the dinosaurs, but said they were hoping to sell them as a set, which put an end to Ms Tips dream of putting a dinosaur in the front yard. Seeing as they aren’t Palmer’s dinosaurs already, we thought he would be the ideal customer for the exhibits (especially after the unfortunate demise of Jeff). But when we called Palmer’s media rep Andrew Crook to ask if he was interested, he replied with “nah, you guys just keep making stories up, that’s good” and hung up on us. Some reward for trying to bring man and dinosaur together.

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Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey