Gaming Uber. A new app called "Cut the Surge" can predict ride-sharing app Uber’s surge prices during high-demand hours. The app tells passengers when the price is about to rise, when the surge price is likely to decrease, and what locations have a lower fare offering.

According a study commissioned by Uber, the app raises its prices during hours when the demand for taxis is high. Uber claims that the company’s goal is to make sure the passengers get their ride within minutes, even during the busiest time of the day. Benjamin Moreton, "Cut the Surge" app developer, told Crikey that his app used the Uber API to store the surge pricing in each city for every five minutes, enabling the forecasting feature to predict an average surge price. "Cut the Surge" draws a circle with a diameter of a three-minute walk around the user’s location, showing all the prices within the circle. When the user chooses the pick-up location, he or she will be redirected to the Uber app, with the address pre-filled and the price locked.