Trading in the Boomers

Michael Cooper writes: Re. “Business bites” (yesterday). Glenn Dyer ponders the apparent dichotomy between the robust growth in job vacancies and slow growth in the economy. The retirement of the Baby Boomer cohort is now starting to accelerate. Surely as a result of this there will be a decade long corporate shuffle as replacement employees are hired, and existing staff climb the corporate ladder to fill the gaps. The workforce numbers might not be growing as fast as the job vacancies might suggest, because employers are essentially doing a new for old replacement on their Boomers.

On the TPP

Peter Matters writes: Re. “Now the real international fight begins for the TPP” (yesterday). Selected multinationals (particularly the US variety) seem to have been the only non-government parties to have had access to the TPP negotiations. I find the insanity of this fact truly fascinating, for the main feature of all the big money boys — and a few big money girls just for show — is the combination of greed and stupidity without compare. What very nearly all of them have in common is that they do not understand that by operating exclusively for the benefit of the shareholders instead of for the benefit of the people at large, they will produce maximum profits now at the price of turning this very small planet  — our home — into a half-dead global garbage dump before the end of this century. By then it will be too late for them to catch on that they have on the way destroyed their own market: us, the people.

Undead Labor

Les Heimann writes: Re. “Zombie Labor about to fall off cliff” (yesterday). Guy Rundle’s prophetic article is shared by many of us quixotic old warriors of the working class. As I sip my decaf latte overlooking verdant fields (not) I remember the time when quaffing Grange in earnest argumentative groups we hailed the Whitlamesque future with certainty and earnest conviction. What a lot of fuckwits come out of university! This country does have unique values like genuine mateship, having a go and giving others a go and caring for those that need to be cared for. We don’t need right- left political overcoats swaggering around self-made stages telling us what to do, how to think and where to go. Nor do we take kindly to silver-tail eloquence or smarmy false modesty.

Those of us who care want to continue doing just that and we would very much appreciate like-minded and honest people to represent us in a like-minded and honest manner.We don’t trust virtually any of the smart asses who parade before us, be they of whatever hue or flavour. Genuine people need to emerge that truly embrace genuine Australian values and show us how they will translate those values into governing on our behalf. If we can have people like that, the label doesn’t matter. Who is out there?

On jihadi trolls

Bob Cashman writes: Re. “Devil’s in the details: did the Tele fall for a jihadi hoax?” (yesterday).Why do you and all the rest of the media keep naming the 15 years old murderer at Parramatta?  All you are doing is perpetuating his so-called “heroism” among other like minded individuals. Please desist immediately.  It is irresponsible and could well incite others to follow suit to become well known.  There is no public interest in persisting in advertising his name.


Peter Fray

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