Renewable Energy Party. While the existing Senate crossbenchers have threatened “war” if the government moves to change the way Senators are elected, we hear that micro-parties are still working towards the next election relying on the current rules being in place:

“There is a new group trying to take the 6th Senate spot in Queensland. The ‘Renewable Energy Party’ have free membership and have experienced numbers/preference folk working for them, including the former numbers guy for HEMP and Peter Breen. They are hoping that a good draw and the cuddly name, on top of a micro party deal, will get them a senate spot. Although Northern NSW based, the word is they see Qld as their best chance.”

Peter Breen was formerly a staffer for Senator Ricky Muir and was sacked mid-last year after Muir said Breen had chucked a sickie while Breen was undergoing cancer treatment. Breen was booted shortly after Muir’s chief of staff and preference whisperer Glenn Druery. We asked Breen this morning about the party’s plans and he confirmed that the Renewable Energy Party had submitted its application for registration and was considering the chances of election in many places,  particularly Queensland and Tasmania. When asked if he was working Druery in this latest venture, Breen said: “Is the Pope Catholic?” Breen said the major parties could expect opposition from all corners if they moved against micro-parties and preference deals like the one that got Muir elected, saying the Greens couldn’t rely on the progressive vote. “The Greens rely on smaller parties for preferences, they’ve forgotten their history,” he said.

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