Sep 25, 2015

Mayne: News Corp loses its shirt on Bolt’s heavily subsidised career

Andrew Bolt has a history of losing money for News Corp.

Stephen Mayne — Journalist and Founder

Stephen Mayne

Journalist and Founder

Perhaps the strangest thing about Andrew Bolt’s spray against Chris Mitchell on a Fairfax-controlled radio station was his hypocritical attack on The Australian’s status as a loss-making subsidy recipient within the broader Murdoch media empire.


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9 thoughts on “Mayne: News Corp loses its shirt on Bolt’s heavily subsidised career

  1. SusieQ

    I’m torn between finding this interesting and wondering why other media give Bolt publicity.

  2. zut alors

    But what a useful tool Bolt has come to be ie: he ‘house trains’ the political talent in readiness for his king-maker boss anointing them.

    How has the nation survived to date without such a tool?

  3. klewso

    It took Mitchell long enough to wake up to him in public – up to when Abbott was self-immolating and they needed a fresh leader that could take their Limited News Party to a win in the next election; and Blot was still defending him….?

  4. AR

    Blot’s 4 hours per week with 2GB’s Poison Dwarf, the Hobbesean Steve ‘nasty, brutish & short’ Price is the best comedy on radio – best enjoyed by podcast to avoid the padding, filler & ads.
    Like Dolt’s blog commenters, the callers who ring in are often so crazy that even they cut them off – how proud they must be to have nurtured & provoked so much hateful stupidity in the electorate.

  5. Jaybuoy

    When you say you have “Shot your Bolt”.. Although you have done everything you can to complete the task, you have been unable to as you have exhausted all your resources. You haven’t been able to finish what you started.

  6. James In Footscray

    What a shame it would be if the controversialists like Bolt weren’t with us. Do we want a bland media? Do we want all commentators to be Guardian types?

  7. bushby jane

    I don’t think that Akerman is invited on insiders any more thank goodness, he is too rude. More than Ann Henderson on the drum.

  8. klewso

    Jane – catch the silly old bat on ABC 24 Saturday morn – wheeled in like Quasimodo for a birching from Eva Cox? Who “produces” this crap as “news”? Or is she there just for laughs?
    [She’d argue “black was lemon curd”, for The Party?
    “Abbott was such a great Health Minister”? ….. So, to extrapolate her theory :- if it hadn’t been for such things as RU486 and a “cast iron guarantee” re the Medibank safety net he would have been canonised – displacing St Francis on that league table …?]
    The conservative commentariate is breaking out in paroxysms of irrelevance having trouble coming to terms with how they have lost editorial con troll of what we get to see of reality in the last few years since the rise of social media taking on their twitterati m.o?

  9. sang froid

    Bolt – never listened to him & choose not to read his writings. Maybe you guys need to turn him off…

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