Malcolm Turnbull's elevation to the prime ministership has delivered an immediate boost to the Coalition's vote in today's Essential Report, and the new Prime Minister has a massive lead as preferred prime minister over Labor's Bill Shorten.

The Coalition's primary vote since Turnbull became leader last Monday (that is, a one-week sample rather than Essential's usual rolling two-week average) has lifted to 43%, with Labor on 37% and the Greens on 11%, for a two-party preferred result of 50%-50%. That compares to 52%-48% (a two-week rolling average) in Labor's favour last week. Turnbull also leads Shorten as preferred prime minister 53%-17%; Shorten's lead among Labor voters are preferred PM is just 3 points -- he leads Turnbull 38%-35% among Labor voters. Turnbull leads Shorten among Greens voters by a massive 41%-23%.