You heard it here first. It was just last month that we received a tip that former treasurer Joe Hockey was considering giving up politics for good, leaving behind the disillusionment of Canberra, where his dreams of being a successful treasurer had slowly drained away. Our tipster told us “his disappointments and frustrations, his defamation case and large costs, young kids, etc, no longer mentioned as a possible successor to Abbott” were all contributing factors to Hockey wanting to get out of the high-pressure job. When we asked Hockey’s office if he would be contesting the next election we were given the answer “it’s safe to assume he will”. Well, we knew it wasn’t safe to assume anything in politics, and with yesterday’s announcement that he would be retiring from the House of Representatives, we’re feeling safer in our assumption we weren’t given a straight answer. Now there are reports in many corners of the media that Hockey will be heading to Washington to replace Kim Beazley as Australia’s ambassador in DC. In a statement he said “I will have more to say in due course,” and although he will be as far away from Canberra games as he can get, we doubt this is the last we will hear from Joe Hockey.

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