Sep 7, 2015

With Silk Road iced, budding entrepreneurs bluntly selling drugs online

What to do when you can't sell drugs on the "darknet" any more? Why, sell them on the regular internet, of course, writes economist and freelance journalist Jason Murphy.

Remember Silk Road? It was an online drugs marketplace on the “darknet” -- a shady and hard-to-find part of the internet where anonymity is valued. In 2013 the FBI infiltrated and shut down Silk Road. Many thought that was the end of online drug trafficking. They were wrong. Instead of going further underground, online drug dealing bubbled up to the surface. It is no longer happening on the secret “darknet”. It’s happening right here, on the regular internet.

This is a screenshot from Craigslist, a trading website. All across Australia, there are drugs ads on Craigslist.

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7 thoughts on “With Silk Road iced, budding entrepreneurs bluntly selling drugs online

  1. Norman Hanscombe

    Hopefully, Jason, you and other Crikey Land Denizens might finally see there’s a genuine need to upgrade Australia’s internet ability to deal with criminals such as these issues including the criminals and terrorists among the providers of death?

  2. AR

    What’s the brown sludge bottom left of pic?

  3. Kfix

    I think it’s just the brown table showing through the packet where the white powder/crystals are not, but maybe we should smoke some just to be sure…..

  4. Kfix

    Ha ha nice word salad Norman, you’ve drawn a clear connection between Craigslist and IS, well done, top marks for logic.

  5. andrew

    Yes Norman. We need to upgrade Australia’s internet ability. Fibre to the home so we can all shop at home and avoid the criminals and terrorists. Legal drugs cause far more deaths than all illicit drugs combined. Perhaps an adult approach is in order rather than what we now have.

  6. Chris Hartwell

    In fairness Andrew, that’s because legal drug use is far more widespread than illegal drug use.

  7. max steinman

    Norman is right of course, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear, so be quiet about our government monitoring the internet usage of all Australians without warrant or reasonable suspicion.

    If you don’t like it you’re supporting terrorists and criminals!

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