A few weeks back, Crikey reported on Fairfax’s MILF settlement, that had the publisher pay out $10,001 to colourful Sydney PI Frank Monte for breach of copyright after it used a picture of his partner, escort Sharon Sargeant, to illustrate an article accusing him of dodgy practices as an investigator (Monte didn’t sue for defamation). We dubbed it the “MILF settlement” because the judge’s notes included a handy definition for MILF, a term used by Sargeant in her promotional material, which Monte’s counsel apparently didn’t understand.

This weekend, a development on the couple, courtesy of The Saturday Paper‘s Richard Ackland whose Gadfly column drew it to our attention. Monte and Sharon Sargeant are raising funds for a new TV pilot called The Private Eye and the Madam.

“This story line is that of two famous, glamorous and interesting individuals living their busy life day to day,” the blurb states. “We get to glimpse what a real life private investigator and a real life escort or call girl agency madam do for a day at a time.”

The couple are seeking to raise $100,000 to film the pilot themselves. On the Kickstarter page, Monte, who on his twitter profile describes himself as “arguably the world’s best and most famous private and corporate investigator”, says he’s had offers to be the subject of a reality-TV program before, but refused because he doesn’t trust the press to tell the story his way. “So after 6 months of BS in Hollywood and other places we’ve decide to start filming in January 2016, with a good independent film crew in Los Angeles.” Monte says he completed a NYU directors’ course in the 1990s, as well as “several other filmmaking courses”. — Myriam Robin

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
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