Sep 4, 2015

Don’t worry, big polluters, Hunt’s ‘safeguard mechanism’ won’t cost you a thing

Pumping out more and more carbon emissions has never been easier than under Greg Hunt's pointless "safeguard" mechanism.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

So you're a major carbon polluter and you've read about Environment Minister Greg Hunt's "Emissions Reduction Fund Safeguard Mechanism" and you're worried the government might actually do something curb your carbon emissions. Worry not -- just follow our step-by-step guide to see how you'll be completely untouched. First of all -- the only "safeguarding" is against your highest level of emissions of the last five years -- the "baseline" is actually more like a "top line" that you have to exceed before there's any risk that you'll get pinged by the body administering the scheme, the Clean Energy Regulator. Here's a picture to show this, with "time" helpfully marked on the x-axis.

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12 thoughts on “Don’t worry, big polluters, Hunt’s ‘safeguard mechanism’ won’t cost you a thing

  1. graybul

    Why does Minister Hunt and the Cabinet membership that directs him . . bloody well bother?

    A Policy so blatant, so cynical, so entirely irresponsible and deceitful in objective . . naught but spittle on face of Electorate!

  2. CML

    Bernard – totally gobsmacking!!!

    Thank Ch*&#t it will all be over in twelve months. Surely there are not enough morons left in this country who will vote to return the likes of Hunt and his fellow travellers?

  3. LucyJr

    Some days I despair. Other days I see the tsunami of solar and hear better batteries are coming and know that the old will pass.

  4. AR

    Stop..stop..please, it’s making me ill. It seems like offering children open access to the sweets jar, with extras for… excess.

  5. Bill Hilliger

    Don’t worry, big polluters, Hunt’s ‘safeguard mechanism’ won’t cost you a thing. And he has loot for all to decrease emissions, yes loot, taxpayer monies. How will the LNP pay for it? Just up the GST by a few percentage points, and widen the GST net. If that’s inadequate to cover the loot to lessen the pollute, we the LNP adults in charge are now working on winding back the NDIS.

  6. Bob's Uncle

    Direct Action is simply a ruse to draw attention away from the Gov’s real abatement policy – blow up the economy and watch emissions levels tumble!

  7. Dogs breakfast

    Jesus wept!

    The people who bought all the BS about the great big carbon tax need to be constantly giving themselves uppercuts.


  8. zut alors

    This policy should be made into a 90 second commercial to be premiered in Paris at the Climate Change Conference. Or would the Minister prefer not?

  9. Urban Wronski

    A complete and utter con. Hunt ought to be indicted for misappropriation, gross negligence
    and fraud.

  10. The Old Bill

    Bugger. I should never have sold my coal mine.

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