Prime Minister Tony Abbott is in Western Australia today to lend his support to the Liberal candidate for the seat of Canning, Andrew Hastie, the ex-SAS officer who seems to be have come from a 3D printer programmed with Tony Abbott’s dreams. In a profile in The Saturday Paper this weekend, Hastie told the Liberal Party’s Western Australian state council an anecdote about his childhood:

“‘I was born in regional Victoria in a town called Wangaratta,’ he said. ‘My father started a church there from scratch and I travelled with him in the early years around the vast parish … I have sweet memories of those times.’

“A little later in his speech, he identified himself as a regular churchgoer and spoke about the work he and his wife do with their church group.”

Mike Seccombe noted that it was only in conservative politics where job applicants emphasise their religious views, and it seems that Christianity plays quite a role in Hastie’s history. A tipster tells us that the candidate’s father is Reverend Peter Hastie, currently principal and pastoral dean at the Presbyterian Theological College in Melbourne. Peter Hastie has been published on website, including an interview with Creationist Jonathan Sarfati and an article disputing science textbooks’ explanations of evolution. We contacted Peter Hastie this morning to ask if he was Andrew Hastie’s father, but didn’t hear back by deadline.