Aug 17, 2015

FOI rollback the latest round in the war on transparency

Public servants are boasting about how they evade Freedom of Information laws -- and want to roll them back. It's all part of a government war on transparency.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Julian Assange calls it the “secrecy tax” — the reduction in efficiency within governments as politicians and bureaucrats, in terror of transparency, try to hide their deliberations from any medium that might be exposed to the public by due process, a whistleblower or hacker. And apparently senior public servants are eager to pay it.


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13 thoughts on “FOI rollback the latest round in the war on transparency

  1. Sue Miills

    If you give your best advice, why not willing to stand by it? Corruption flourishes with secrecy and non-accountability

  2. Norman Hanscombe

    Sue Miills, whatever will you do if Crikey raises its intellectual levels to that of Cereal Promos or even, and this might be too demanding, Flo’s Pumpkin Scones Recipe?

  3. Sue Miills

    Norman Hascombe, you often imply you are intellectually superior, but when losing an argument you just get nasty. I’ve never been able to respect the tactic. I look forward to your use of “fervent” when responding

  4. Norman Hanscombe

    Sue, do you actually think the word “imply” is the most apt you might have used? As for “losing an argument”, if ever you have the courage to participate in a face to face debate, make my day by requesting one.
    I can assure you though that I’d not entertain wanting to be seen as your superior because setting the bar low has never provided me with any satisfaction.
    I shall try to avoid using the word “fervent” with you until there’s evidence you understand its meanings.
    Try to have a good day, even if it’s only in your daydreams.

  5. ken svay

    Crikey Norman, take your hand off it. Just being contrary is very boring, why dont you just fuck off if you have nothing to contribute.

  6. Duncan Gilbey

    I have clearly not attained the loftiness of your intellect Norman, but I find your snide remarks belittling other posters tiresome.

  7. Norman Hanscombe

    ken svay, of course it could be boring for those who for whatever reason, emotive, limited background or anything else, find it difficult to analyse available evidence, but surely you might feel it worthwhile to at least try to express your displeasure better?
    You might also ask yourself whether Posters whom you feel have been treated harshly on Crikey treads first made even harsher attacks, often without any substantiation at all, on whichever Public Figures they disliked.
    Duncan, never mind any shortcomings you may feel you have and it’s something that you don’t see the comments as inaccurate isn’t it.
    I’m sure you’ve heard about Free Speech. I know it takes more effort than what you now do, but why not use it to point out where you genuinely believe Posters are wrong on substantive assertions? Doing this has been known to sharpen people’s analytical skills no matter what else isn’t one of their fortes.
    Have a better day.

  8. drsmithy

    Norman Hascombe, you often imply you are intellectually superior, but when losing an argument you just get nasty.

    For Norman to lose an argument he would first have to actually enter into one – something he “fervently” avoids – rather than just lobbing fallacies from the sidelines.

  9. Sue Miills

    ps Bernard – thought your article was good- well written, considered & fair. Cheers all, I usually enjoy reading posters’ comments as most are by thoughtful, interested, informed readers. Norman – seriously – get a life

  10. Norman Hanscombe

    Sue, for you complimenting people for mediocre articles is no doubt a satisfying life, but others have been fortunate enough to have worked with friends and colleagues who held senior academic positions at times when standards at all levels of education hadn’t been watered down to ensure pieces of paper meant little more here than they did for example in many educational institutions in North America.
    Those who would have to struggle were they to be placed back in those times can’t be expected to do much more than tell others to get a life can they.
    drsmithy, still not willing to contemplate a debate?

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