Aug 11, 2015

Foxtel considers sites it wants blocked to stop you pirating Game of Thrones

Foxtel is coming up with a list of websites, such as The Pirate Bay, that it wants ISPs to block. Of course, you can still get round the block with a VPN ...

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


Foxtel is working with internet service providers and looking to get a list of websites blocked overseas ahead of its planned first test case of the government’s new site-blocking law.

The law, passed at the end of June just before the winter parliamentary recess, will allow rights holders to get a court order from the Federal Court to force Australian internet service providers to block overseas-based sites — like Pirate Bay, EZTV, or Kickass Torrents — that provide access to infringing copies of TV shows, music and films.

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8 thoughts on “Foxtel considers sites it wants blocked to stop you pirating Game of Thrones

  1. Daniel Voda

    The Great Firewall of China drove many young people to develop sophisticated hacking skills that then were available for industrial and military espionage – to the regret of the USA.

    Perhaps Australia can follow a similar path

  2. Eric Vigo

    I’m amazed Abbott has allowed the internet to exist in Australia while he is captain.

    There was no internet in 1959, so there can never be.

    Oh, except for huge multinationals. Go for it guys!

  3. Mark M

    VPN companies rub their hands with Glee.

  4. Jim McSlim

    “Creative industries are worth an estimated 6.6 per cent of GDP and employ around 900,000 Australians.”

    Well, in that case, maybe it would be good policy to support the growth of such industries (in view of mining’s decline) further through the construction of world-class FTTP broadband network that supports symmetric upload and download speeds…

  5. Neutral

    Fox News in the US recently took out its own live streaming site with its blunderbuss approach to copyright.

    No doubt Foxtel will score own goals as well ably assisted by the Luddite Neanderthal Party.

  6. Liamj

    Foxtel fights p2p fire with cardboard, meanwhile their price gouging & iq3 disaster drives legit customers into Netflixs arms.

  7. Chris Hartwell

    The media companies would do well to look to Steam for inspiration – time and time again, consumers pirate because of a lack of reliable and convenient access, not price. When Steam demonstrated its reliability, and penchant for sales, piracy of games dropped off as the majority of consumers had their needs met.

    (Yes, there are still some who pirate on the basis of not wanting to be involved with DRM restrictions, but that’s a separate issue)

  8. Serene Johnson

    Dear Foxtel,

    Please consider the following points:

    1. Foxtel was originally pitched as ad-free content. As it stands, it is not ad-free. Therefore my piracy stops me seeing your ads.
    2. Foxtel was originally pitched as “reasonably priced for families”. The cost of the package that includes the particular channel airing Game Of Thrones (You mentioned it…) is THE MOST EXPENSIVE package you have. It is NOT reasonable at all. My piracy saves me this unreasonable cost.
    3. Despite your pitches for Foxtel iView, the cost of this too is unreasonable. I work nightshift. My piracy allows me to watch what I want to watch, when I get home and after taking the kids to school instead of either missing out completely or having to pay exorbitant amounts for iView.
    4. I OWN blu-ray copies of every season of Game Of Thrones, multiple figurines from the POP vinyl range and the Funko large figurines. I even have a GoT lunchbox, ALL the books and commentaries, and a limited edition weirwood snow-globe so you cannot claim I am not supporting the brand and creator.

    I pirate because Foxtel is inconvenient and prohibitively expensive, and full of ads that I AM PAYING FOR IN MY SUBSCRIPTION PRICE.

    So please, tell me why I should cease pirating?

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