Aug 10, 2015

Mr Smith goes to Canberra: meet your new Speaker

Who exactly is Tony Smith? Crikey takes a close look through his past (and expenses) to acquaint ourselves with the new Speaker.

Josh Taylor — Journalist

Josh Taylor


After Bronwyn Bishop’s controversial run (flight?), Parliament’s next Speaker had to have one defining quality: he or she had to be boring. In Tony Smith, the Coalition has found its man.


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5 thoughts on “Mr Smith goes to Canberra: meet your new Speaker

  1. Peter Fuller

    Unless Tony Smith has deserted an underperforming team, he is a committed Carlton man. You could scarcely make a more outrageous accusation than to charge him with supporting Collingwood.

  2. Norman Hanscombe

    Peter, you can’t expect the Crikey Commissariat to focus when they can’t find a genuine reason to criticise the new Speaker.

  3. Kevin_T

    The public’s view on the gutting of the NBN as a major infrastructure policy did not amount to constituents seeing it as “a threat to come into people’s homes and rip the internet out of the wall.”

    And, therein lies one of the problems with the current political class in this country – too many believe that the public are just uninformed morons, who are incapable of understanding the implications of competing policies, and policy changes.

  4. Itsarort

    So, who will be the first Labor minister to try and associate Tony Smith with his ‘boofhead’ mate Eddie McGiure (over the Adam Goodes debacle) and get the boot? Please let it be Mr Champion that gets nicked…

  5. AR

    Why was Windsor’s “do it with fibre” speech described as ‘infamous’?
    Or did Josh think it is a synonym for ‘notorious’ (equally inappropriate)?
    Perhaps ‘notable’ was the word the once-and-future-intern was seeking?

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