A week ago Seven asked in a promotion for last night’s Grand Final of House Rules, "What are 3 million Aussies doing next Monday night?" Well, one million didn’t turn up and the Winner's Announcement could only get to 1.998 million viewers across the nation  (let’s call it 2 million) -- the Grand Final itself got to 1.756 million.  Both were still not too bad, but the end result nationally was again driven by strong support from regional viewers. The Winner’s Announcement of House Rules had 1.295 million metro viewers and a massive 704,000 in the regions, while the Grand Final had an average of 1.097million national viewers and a very tasty 659,000 regional viewers. From these figures and those for the 2014 season it is clear this one was a) hurt by Nine’s silly spoiler, Reno Rumble (which cost Nine money), and b) saved from being a complete flop by the very strong and continuing support of regional viewers. Will Seven repay them in some way, or take their support for granted?

And finally, the TV guides had the grand final down as lasting 2 hours. Instead it lasted more than two hours and two minutes -- time to run a decent marathon and win a medal at a title somewhere (if the Kenyans and other Africans were having the day off). It was an endurance test. But that wasn’t enough to win the night in the metros, but it did in the regions.