Jul 10, 2015

Should Barnaby Joyce resign?

Barnaby Joyce has rejected Tony Abbott's efforts to accommodate his grievance about the Shenhua mine. And that means he should resign from cabinet.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Cabinet government has proved a reasonably resilient and worthwhile institution in Australia. The idea that the senior members of the party in power should be able to discuss policy confidentially, without worrying about how their views would be interpreted in the media or publicly, is a good one, and cabinet documents are rightly protected from public view until a sufficient period of time has passed to make their revelation politically innocuous. Central to the idea of cabinet government, too, is that once a decision is made, all ministers back it and defend it, regardless of their personal views.


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22 thoughts on “Should Barnaby Joyce resign?

  1. Honest Johnny

    Abbott and the Cabinet are probably sympathetic to Joyce’s plight and will be O’K to let him Whinge for a while in the hope that this issue will soon blow over and the status quo restored. The problem for Joyce is that this issue has the potential to get significantly worse. People are already calling the Liverpool Plains “the next Franklin” and as the mine development gets close or indeed commences operation, people will gather from all over Australia to fight it. And Tony Windsor will become their champion. Barnaby Joyce’s whole political future in what is a safe National Party seat may well end up in ruins

  2. Agnes Hannan

    Bye Bye Barnaby.

  3. klewso

    Cousin Jethro’s always been a bit “different”.
    Come back Tony Windsor.

  4. klewso

    Then again this government has trashed so many conventions, what’s one more?

  5. wils

    I do like seeing a safe ministers seat, become not so safe.

    Am I right that Tony Windsor was a National MP? How long did he hold the seat as an independent?

  6. Peter Wildblood

    Of course he should resign and if he’d been a member of his UK counterpart he’d have been forced out long ago as would many others on Abbott’s front bench, Turnbull being the most obvious.

  7. Honest Johnny

    Wils, no Tony Windsor was never a National Party MP, although early in his career he was preselected by the local branch of the National Party to contest the state seat of Tamworth. The pre-selection was overturned by the Party hierarchy and he contested and won the seat as an independent. He was a NSW MP for many years before switching to the Federal seat of New England (as an independent).

  8. Norman Hanscombe

    It’s understandable the Crikey Conclave is celebrating on this site, in view of how abysmally unsuccessful they’ve been when it come to the views of most Australian voters?

  9. Marchfly

    Be a shame to lose Barnaby for an issue on which he is right.

  10. SusieQ

    I agree, Abbott has overturned so many conventions, whats one more?
    Protests? Good idea!!! I’ve not been up into NSW for awhile *reviews camping gear*

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