Move, nourish, measure up. Fitspo brand Lorna Jane quietly removed a job advertisement from Seek this morning that asked for a “Fit model/receptionist” to work for the company, which specialises in overpriced leggings — with very specific requirements when it comes to the job-seeker’s physical measurements. The job, which seems to be for a receptionist who tries on the clothes, said applicants must adhere to strict size requirements, which were mentioned before the requirements of the role or experience needed. Interestingly, the advertisement seems to assume that applicants will be female, without any exemption from Fair Work Australia to say the company has permission to advertise what is basically an admin role to only one gender (and a specific shape therein). It looks to us like an excuse to hire a receptionist who fits a certain look — but it looks like someone within the company has thought better of it. We asked Lorna Jane why the ad had been taken down and were told by a spokesperson “The ad was removed from Seek this morning as we received a fantastic response, with a large number of applicants responding straight away to be part of our team”. The spokesperson clarified that a “fit model” doesn’t refer to a person’s fitness, but making sure the garments are “true to size”. The spokesperson said:

“As a fit model is only required in a part time capacity, Lorna Jane felt it appropriate to combine this position with the part time receptionist role which is also currently vacant. This combination will be hugely beneficial for the brand allowing the successful applicant to liaise directly with customers on a day-to-day basis, receive their feedback and allow Lorna Jane to deliver an even better product to benefit our customers and their active lifestyles. There are a number of positions within our business that combine roles to accommodate the needs and interests of our staff.”


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