Mind your p’s and q’s and e’s and y’s

Malcolm Weatherup writes: Re. “Born in crime and chaos, welcome to the Border Farce” (yesterday). Is this the latest chapter in some kind of weird political get square to keep sub-editors — what’s left of them — on their toes. In recent times, they’ve been confronted with Palaszczuk, then came Leyonhjelm, and now, possibly realising the angst this can cause in deadline driven news outlets, the government has decided that the commissioner for the new Border Force is to be Roman Quaedvlieg (I think — the concentration required generates its own jumpy dyslexia). All of a sudden, mastering Plibersek, the “y”  or “i” question of Christopher Pyne and where the doubles go in Abbott all seems a doddle now. All journos will now fervently hope that the likes of Senators Catryna Bilyk, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells and Zed Seselja do not exhibit talents worthy of promotion to frequently quotable positions.

Stones, glass houses etc

Adam Rope writes: Re. “The enemy of your enemy is not your friend” (yesterday). Isn’t it amazing that narrow minded people (wow, I can throw in petty insults as well ), such as Ken Lambert, ignore any and all instances of parties standing up for human rights and free speech, especially in outlets like Crikey, because it doesn’t fit in with his blinkered beliefs about some fictitious “silent majority”. For which I read Limited News or shock jock subscribers revelling in their total & utter ignorance of the actual matter in hand — I can provide examples from certain blog posts demonstrating this. And Ken, way to go on the ridiculous fear hyperbole that “they — whomsoever ‘they’ might be — might eat you last”.  Had you not read the point about the stupidity of anti-society individualistically minded liberals somewhat illogically thinking that all non-Anglos are somehow mindlessly collectivist and thus think communally?

Sincere form letters

John Sneddon writes: Re. “Tips and Rumours: speech and judgement“. After reading yesterday’s Tips and Rumours section, I was motivated to see whether the Environment Minister Greg Hunt would be similarly critical of The Australian’s willingness to give Zaky Mallah a platform to publish his views back in 2012.  I sent him an email yesterday afternoon. As you will see from his response below, his willingness to discuss the issue does not extend to criticism of News Corp. I guess there are some things a Coalition MP won’t do.

From: Hunt, Greg (MP) [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Thursday, 2 July 2015 10:03 AM
To: John Sneddon
Subject: RE: Contact Form Submission from GregHunt.com.au

Dear John,

Many thanks for your email.  Your comments have been noted.


The Office of Greg Hunt

Pick your heroes

Marion Wilson writes: Re. “Rundle: Reece Harding was a hero, this government a sleazy absurdity” (yesterday). Will this now apply to Australian Jews who join the Israeli army and French and Greek dual citizens who get called up to do their national service in those countries? Or is this just those “Middle Eastern appearance” yobs who are automatically terrorists regardless who they fight for. Nobody had this problem with those thousands who fought in the Spanish Civil War, whatever side they fought on.

What can we learn from Greece?

Ian Starr writes: Re. “Default schmefault: the Greeks bear no gifts, and that’s just fine” (yesterday).  I’m no economist, but it would appear that there are implications from the Greek experience as part of the EEC for all countries inside some economic community. I seem to remember John Raulston Saul having something to say on this. By joining such alliances counties make themselves vulnerable. Greece is at last realising that it’s best course of action is to cut its ties, wear the debt and get on with re-structuring its economy. Good luck Greece; I am rather fond of your people and your islands.

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