Keystone Cartographers. It was a kind of grace note to what has been one long series of bungles and stumbles: yesterday, to cap off the introduction of the government’s citizenship-stripping bill — that’s the one to stop from coming back the people that last year’s foreign fighters legislation was supposed to stop from going to join Islamic State — the Prime Minister, Justice Minister Michael Keenan, George “where did I put that letter from that terrorist” Brandis and his partner in incompetence, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, visited ASIO headquarters for a photo opp. During the course of the media event, ASIO, the people notionally charged with protecting us from terrorism, cleverly placed within view confidential maps that they shouldn’t have, which were then promptly filmed and photographed by the media brought along for the event. Later, ASIO insisted there was nothing secret about the maps — but this morning, inconveniently, the ABC circulated ASIO Media’s initial response to a request from the ABC for an electronic copy of the maps. The maps were for “official use only”, the ABC was told, and ASIO would appreciate it if the national broadcaster did not publish them.