Jun 23, 2015

Move over, NBN, here comes the National Narrowband Network

Why should you share your precious cat video-enhancing broadband with your hot-water meter? Enter the National Narrowband Network.

Michael Sainsbury — Freelance correspondent in Asia and <em>Little Red Blog</em> Editor

Michael Sainsbury

Freelance correspondent in Asia and Little Red Blog Editor

As the National Broadband Network lurches along with its ill-advised, half-formed broadband technology, it is about to face fresh competition from an unexpected quarter. One of Australia’s most experienced internet industry executives, David Spence, whose career in the sector began back with OzEmail, will be facing off against his old boss Malcolm Turnbull with his new provocatively named National Narrowband Network.


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3 thoughts on “Move over, NBN, here comes the National Narrowband Network

  1. Joe Magill

    No power sucking pings – fantastic. $1-$2 per year – wow. Companies like mine will be overjoyed to see this come about. Our delivery of environmental data to farmers and other rural landowners using our Plexus product will be significantly easier.

  2. AR

    Sounds very like a rerun of the first narrow bank data broadcasting licences which prohibited ‘entertainment’ – a young DoubleJay whizzkid (UK Armed forces DJ on Cyprus at the age of 12 or similar) snaffled up a bunch of frequencies and beat the feds when they claimed he was too much fuin – they had to buy them back at substantial mark-up in memory serves … can’t remember his name but a great talent for music & biz).
    As more people will want to use VPNs, surely the ubiquity of access will become so universal that another filter/gatekeeper (heloooo, filthy lucre!)will become necessary.

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