There is agreement across all voting groups that housing where they live is unaffordable and growing increasingly so, today's Essential Report finds. But the intensity of the view varies across age groups and regions.

Of all voters, 60% believe housing in their area is unaffordable for someone on an average income, while 33% believe it is affordable. Labor and Greens voters feel the same -- 68% say unaffordable and 26%/27% affordable. Liberal voters are more divided, 52%-43%. That's because older voters, who make up much of the Liberal Party base, don't see any problem with housing affordability, given most of them already own their own homes and benefit from rising house prices. More voters over 55 believe housing in their area is affordable (48%) than unaffordable, whereas those most likely to be trying enter the housing market, under-35s, split 69%-24%, and 35- to 54-year-olds nearly the same, 64%-30%.