This week we continue Crikey’s 15th birthday celebration with another commemorative timeline. We are remembering 2009, an important year for online media, the world and of course, Crikey.

It was the year Facebook further enhanced (or complicated, depending on your point of view) social media by adding the now-ubiquitous “like” button.

In the US, Michael Jackson died, and PolitiFact won the Pulitzer Prize for Successfully Scaring the Crap out of Mendacious Pollies. Actually it was the Pulitzer for National Reporting. We lied (but you already knew that, didn’t you, PolitiFact?).

Just to make things weird, Ashton Kutcher (remember him?) challenged CNN to a race to 1 million Twitter followers. Yes, Kutcher won. And no, we don’t know why.

In Australia, active internet users hit 9.1 million, and Kyle and Jackie O gave that infamous “lie detector” test to a 14-year-old girl live on air.

Here at Crikey, we had our hands full covering the ambitious Emissions Trading Scheme as it caused a ruckus in Canberra. Sunrise, sunset.