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Grill’d anti-abortionists. For those who enjoy fancy burgers, Grill’d has become a staple food chain in capital cities across the country, and part of the experience for consumers is the chance to choose which local charity or not-for-profit the business should donate to each month (customers place a bottle cap in a jar corresponding to their do-gooder of choice). But the burger brand has found itself in hot water over one of the groups chosen at the Toowong store in Queensland, where one of the groups this month is Cherish Life Queensland. Cherish Life Queensland, based in Toowing, is a Christian anti-abortion group formerly known as Right to Life Queensland. The group’s most recent newsletter celebrates a rally earlier this year attended by conservative Victorian MP Bernie Finn and says “It was dismaying to see a number of Emily’s List women be voted in to the Queensland parliament”. As complaints started to appear on Grill’d’s social media pages, the business assured customers that “Local Matters aims to provide support to a range of community groups but as this has upset some, we’ll remove tomorrow”.

Good jobs. Treasurer Joe Hockey said yesterday that the first step to buying a house was to “get a good job that pays good money”. That didn’t go down so well with people trying to get into the housing market who already have good jobs, or those trying to get said good jobs. He’s spent this morning adding some nuance to the comment, but not actually apologising for the latest reincarnation of “poor people don’t drive cars”. Ms Tips started wondering what is a good job that pays good money? We turned to Seek, and searched for exactly what the Treasurer ordered — “good job, good money”. There were 311 roles meeting that criteria across the country, but in the first page of listings the average wage offered was between $50,000 and $75,000 a year. Can Ms Tips get a foot in the door with that?

Wanted: one first lady. Annabel Crabb has written that it is almost impossible to be successful in politics without a “wife” — someone to keep the home situation in tip-top shape while their ambitious partner moves up the ranks. But a Republican Senator in the US has been doing quite fine without a wife so far, so much so that he plans on running for president. Lindsey Graham, a bachelor from South Carolina, was recently asked by reporters who would be his “first lady” if he made it to the White House. He answered “well, I’ve got a sister, she could play that role if necessary”. He then laughed at this own joke and tried again: “I’ve got a lot of friends. We’ll have a rotating first lady.” It’s the reality TV show we didn’t know we needed.

You really know nothing, Greens meme makers. What do they know about negative gearing in Westeros? So far in hit TV series Game of Thrones if someone wants a castle they just invade it, but the Greens are using Jon Snow to spruik their negative gearing policy.

Firies’ visors clearing. Yesterday we had a tip that Fire and Rescue NSW had been forced to spend up big on visors for new helmets for firies after an ordering stuff-up. We asked Fire and Rescue NSW what had happened with the helmets and the visors – and what it had cost – and received this response from a spokesperson:

“Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) purchased the additional visors for rescue fire trucks only (approximately 400 in total). This was on top of the protective eyewear and hearing protection firefighters already have. Although firefighters are individually provided with safety goggles and ear muffs, it was decided that the visors would be provided as a back-up safety measure, should their individual personal protective equipment (PPE) be damaged or compromised.

“FRNSW was offered a $5 discount off the price of the visors, which we took up from the supplier.”

The spokesperson says FRNSW is rolling out two types of helmets this year: a firefighting helmet and multipurpose helmet for other incidents.

No way, get fucked, fuck off. It’s the best image of the G7 meeting — German President Angela Merkel captured in a casual chat with US President Barack Obama — and we just had to ask you all to caption it. While we’re glad Crikey readers eschewed references to The Sound of Music, we did think you were more witty than dick jokes (some of them did make us chuckle, though). Some commenters kept it political — “the Greek debt is getting sooooo big!” and “Never mind Greece leaving the EU, WE want out, leave the french to it!”. We also liked the suggestion that Merkel is asking Obama to explain “manspreading” (although the German have probably had a word for that for a decade already). The winner is commenter Klewso with this caption, which was offered with an apology to Doc Neeson and the Angels:

“You got the NSA, where your spooks tap our calls?
If I had a knife right now, I’d remove both your balls.
I am never sittin’ on your Facebook again ….”

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