Think Australians can never agree on anything? A whopping 81% of Australians support the government's proposal to take away the citizenship of dual nationals who are "engaged in terrorism or supporting terror groups", today's Essential Report finds. And 73% of Australians support stripping citizenship from sole nationals if they are eligible to become citizens of another country.

The strong result vindicates Tony Abbott's decision to try to use the issue as a wedge against both his internal critics and Labor, which backs the idea in principle but wants to see the legislation. Liberal/National voters are the voter segment most overwhelmingly in favour of stripping citizenship, with 93% supporting it for dual nationals and 90% for sole nationals. Greens voters are the most opposed, though even 52% support stripping citizenship from dual nationals engaged in terrorism, against 35% who disapprove. And almost half (44%) of Greens voters support stripping citizenship for sole nationals, against 31% who disapprove. Labor voters are right in the middle, though they also strongly support stripping citizenship from both dual nationals (77% for, 11% against) and sole nationals (67% approve, 15% disapprove).