The latte-sippers are back! They barely went away, but the metaphor seemed to fall out of favour. Nationals MP Michael McCormack told Tony Abbott to get away from the "tapas bars" and come see the "real Australia" at Grong Grong -- the dying wheat town with a lifestyle subsidised by, well, tapas and lattes. Paul Keating, arguing the cause of Barangaroo, the most cutting-edge global urban development of 1982, revived the old "basket-weaver" insult from that era to assail Clover Moore (confusingly, because she wanted to keep the cruise ships coming and going). In these pages, Toby Ralph, of the Bernard Salt school of forecasting -- "it's coming your way and it's called a cappukino!" -- had some advice for the "kombi-van" Greens. Now, again over Sydney planning, evidence-free roads fanatic/minister Duncan Gay has slammed "latte-sipping zealots" for objecting to his proposed traffic drains NorthConnex and WestConnex.