May 13, 2015

A deeply unfair budget for our Asian neighbours

When Hockey and Abbott talked up this budget of "fairness", they neglected to mention the fiscal kindness wouldn't extend beyond Australian borders -- well, except to Cambodia.

Michael Sainsbury — Freelance correspondent in Asia and <em>Little Red Blog</em> Editor

Michael Sainsbury

Freelance correspondent in Asia and Little Red Blog Editor

Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen

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4 thoughts on “A deeply unfair budget for our Asian neighbours

  1. wbddrss

    a) this is just another industry with its hand out for tax payers monies, just my honest opinion;
    b) from memory Indonesia does not want our foreign aid money.
    c) most of these countries are protectionist and block our exports AND Australia runs a balance of payments deficit, isn’t that enough to help poor countries;
    d) it is really poor governance that creates poverty, and we have plenty of that in Australia AND overseas aid does not seem to help governance of cultures overseas.
    e) Australia takes refugees, educates foreign students AND has a massive immigration program, isn’t that enough in helping countries overseas;


  2. Norman Hanscombe

    Interesting that a “Professor” can’t understand Australia can’t somehow “save” the entire population of our planet?

  3. Pedantic, Balwyn

    Cutting aid mid way through programs is darn right inhumane and uncharitable. Maintaining the staus quo with Cambodia demonstrates that the Abbott Government has no sense of decency or morality, but what’s new!

  4. marcfranc

    When I got to ‘Rather than doing the hard yards on trimming Australia’s bloated public service,…’ I gave up reading. So as a freelance correspondent in Beijing you’re an expert on Australian public administration? Perhaps you should stick to your day job.

    Crikey seems to be increasingly characterised by this type of glib ill-formed analysis. It makes me wonder why I pay a subscription.

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