On Christine Milne's retirement

Mary Noonan writes: Re. "Milne leaves Greens at record strength" (yesterday). Bernard Keane, for one so politically savvy, I was very surprised to read your final comment regarding the steady upward trend of Green candidates securing positions across the political spectrum in Australia. You seemed to be mulling over this odd fact & wondering if Di Natale would keep up this strange phenomenon. Well, er yes, er der Fred!!  Just when will political journos fully understand that the Greens are actually a world wide movement and aren't going anywhere anytime soon? If you need verification of this, have a chat to a roomful of under 30s. (In fact, fly to Germany and check out their popularity there). The under 30s  understand there is a better, fairer world out there.  They also understand that with guidance, leadership and hard work they now have the option of voting for a party that can, by its expanding presence, make a real difference. The youngins can circumnavigate the likes (and lies) of Murdoch & they actually "get" what being Green is all about. I for one have very high hopes that one day we'll have a quality person like Scott Ludlam as PM and  I won't be the least bit surprised. Just imagine, someone of his abilities as our leader instead of Abbott et al.