Chief Executive Officer of Hepatitis NSW Stuart Loveday writes: Re. "It’s back to the future with the jubilant Greens" (Monday). Hepatitis NSW expresses its disappointment at Crikey for publishing the following comment "the WestConnex roadway and tunnel, which is about as popular in the inner city as Hep C" in Margot Saville’s article. We think this comment is both unnecessary and unhelpful, appearing to belittle the experiences of the more than 90,000 people in NSW living with chronic hepatitis C, an illness which tragically took an estimated 639 lives nation-wide in 2013 alone. It also contributes to the stigma and discrimination endured all-too-often by people living with hepatitis C. Hepatitis NSW suggests that Crikey would not publish similar comments treating mental health issues or HIV as a ‘punchline’. Please don’t make hepatitis C one, either.