From the Crikey grapevine, the latest tips and rumours … Happy birthday, Gloria. Readers of The Australian were left scratching their heads this morning over this advertisement, which took up the whole of page 5:

The advertisement is a letter titled "I Shine ... because of you", from Gloria Zou, an eight-year-old Chinese girl who lives in Australia, and it describes her life as well as thanking political figures such as Prime Minister Tony Abbott, "uncle Tony Abbott," and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, "Auntie Julie Bishop". As the letter states, today is Gloria's eighth birthday, and it ends with a wish to "let us light up you and me, lighting up the whole world". So what's going on? Is this a new avenue of diplomacy from China to Australia? Have children's birthdays moved on from pool parties and pin the tail on the donkey? We understand that this isn't the first time Gloria's family has run an advertisement in the Oz, but it's definitely unusual. For those who are wondering, Gloria (Guo) Zou is a musical performer living in Sydney's northern suburbs, and she has previously made headlines for donating her earnings as an entertainer to the Starlight Foundation. Her mother is Sally Zou, a businesswoman with the Ausmetals Mining Group. We tried to contact the Zou family this morning to ask about the advertisement, but didn't hear back by deadline. Lomborg at DFAT. We hear from a tipster at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that controversial figure  Dr Bjorn Lomborg will be addressing staff today:
"DFAT staff have previously appreciated that their boss, Julie Bishop, appears to be a moderate on climate change. They’re concerned that climate skeptic Dr Bjorn Lomborg (a favourite of The Australian) will lecture DFAT staff today. Says one, 'to invite such biased crap inside the bureaucracy is pretty unprecedented'."
Crikey understands that Lomborg wont be speaking about climate change, but the UN’s post-2015 development agenda, and that attendance is optional. Lomborg has previously argued that climate change is happening, but it's not as bad as we think and argued that it would cost the world economy more to fight climate change than to just let it happen. We wonder what the DFAT mandarins will make of his views. Menzies doco -- not forgotten. The ABC announced today that it has commissioned former prime minister John Howard to present a two-part documentary series on Robert Menzies, and he's the right man for the job, considering he's written the 707-page book The Menzies Era, published last year. But a tipster has pointed us toward the producers of the series, one of whom is Simon Nasht of Smith and Nasht productions. Nasht was a producer on anti-CSG film The Frackman, which has been attracting the ire of some in Liberal circles, especially as it received funding from Screen Australia. The Menzies doco is also produced in association with Screen Australia -- we wonder if its selection process will be getting as much heat as that of The Frackman. Revealing neckline. It's one of those things that should remain a joke between teenage boys, but it has seemed to go too far with the help of people on the internet with nothing better to talk about. A few weeks ago Channel Ten presenter Natarsha Belling wore a jacket with a collar that some people likened to a penis. It has led to articles that list the amount of times jackets with that collar have been worn by newsreaders, and Today presenter Lisa Wilkinson said yesterday that all TV presenters should wear them today -- but she didn't: