Mar 11, 2015

Homelands under the hammer, again, from the aspiring PM for indigenous policy

There is a very good reason many indigenous Australians live in remote communities, and it's not a "lifestyle choice", writes Emeritus Professor Jon Altman of Australian National University.

The Prime Minister who aspires to be known for his contribution to indigenous affairs has been roundly criticised by all and sundry for suggesting that indigenous people who live at remote homelands are making a “lifestyle choice”. Hence he argues they should self-finance access to services that are not available in remote areas or face government neglect and associated closure.


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34 thoughts on “Homelands under the hammer, again, from the aspiring PM for indigenous policy

  1. Migraine

    If living in remote areas is a lifestyle choice not deserving of taxpayer support, can we expect to see an end to zone rebates?

  2. paddy

    Every time I think I’ve seen the worst of Abbott, he surprises me yet again.
    The sooner he’s gone the better, but at what a terrible cost!
    Such a deeply shameful period in Australia’s history.

  3. Electric Lardyland

    Is there actually a Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs? Or are the Coalition still working the rubbish line that Abbott is the minister?

  4. klewso

    Some people might like to see Toady’s lips sewn together?
    …. but what would they know?
    There’s only, what, 480(?) sleeps to go – who knows what he can stuff into that cavity?
    [Scratch this r’Abbott – get khaleesi.]

  5. Dogs breakfast

    Thanks for the synopsis, pretty much covers the most important aspects.

    May as well go back to Terra Nullius, denying them the vote and reinstating the White Australia policy.

    It seems we have learned nothing.

    On the other hand, if we can just force all the indigenous people off their land, deny them any connection to country, we can then go back to the courts and claim the land back, and then we won’t need to negotiate on mineral rights, can sell them all to a multi-national who can take all our common wealth, pay pittance in royalties and nothing in tax.

    Brilliant plan!

  6. klewso

    “Class Warfare”?

  7. TwoEyeHead

    Tony knows a thing or two about endless subsidies

  8. A.Blot

    The indigenous Australians need to point the bone at the indigenous minister if not the entire Government.

  9. sang-froid

    Any other group he can alienate?

  10. Mike Upton

    @ Paddy – “The sooner he’s gone the better.”

    No Paddy, NO!..we need him there. The rAbbott is one continual “own goal”. He shoots himself in the foot, falls on his own sword, dives on the grenade and chews Oliander leafs. rAbbott is removing himself and the whole party, leave him there.

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