Tony Abbott’s opponents desperately want to force him from power — but they can’t seem to get their act together to do it.

The Liberal Party’s individualist philosophy means they can’t move swiftly when collective action is required — and it’s this world view that also has them favour private over public, outsourcing over government.

All of which provides an obvious answer. To topple Tony Abbott, the Liberal Party should hire … the Labor Party.

Let’s face it, they’re really good at fast and lethal coups. David Feeney and Bill Shorten could have Abbott out in an evening. And neither of them are doing much at the moment.

For the Liberals it’s win-win as well. Abbott is gone, and the cause of outsourcing and tendering essential government services has just been shown at its best.

And if you feel this modest proposal is absurd, we ask you to reflect on the current situation, which will no doubt continue without it.

Everyone wins. Well, almost everyone …